The Impossible Lightness of BeingTHE IMPOSSIBLE LIGHTNESS

Made from natural sized ‘bricks’, foam, 445,5 x 10 x 6,5 cm

‘The Impossible Lightness ’ is a complex work that plays with our expectations and illusions. It is monumental and grand but also comical, absurd and paradoxically deconstructive. It looks architecturally tense; at the same time, it appears unstable and precarious threatening to collapse any moment.
It seems to be constructed from concrete bricks (each of them has the exact measurement of the industrial bricks). However, by close inspection, they turn out to be made from an anthracite colored, sparkling, artificial lightweight material.

The ‘simulacra’ bricks are placed with their narrow side on the edges of the previous ones in a symmetrical kind of order resulting in a structure stretching from the floor to the ceiling and appears to support the latter, parodying the principle of house building. The absurdity of the construction is reinforced by discovering the  gap between the bottom of the sculpture and the floor, actually placing the sculpture on the ceiling. The suspension, barely noticeable, allows the structure slightly to swing, irritating the viewer.



Made from natural sized ‘bricks’, foam, approx. 445,5 x 10 x 10 cm



Made from natural sized ‘bricks’, foam, 315 x 25 x 6,5 cm